Wednesday, August 12, 2015

US Embassy Visit

The kids are getting better and better with sleeping. Only had been woke up once for all three kids.  I felt great today with all the sleep I got!  The kids received more sleep but they did not behavior any better, sadly. 

We let them sleep in this morning so they received 10 to 11 hours of sleep! We went down stairs and Zinta was waiting to pick us up. We went to the US Embassy. The boys of course were acting out really bad. Even Elliana did not want to listen. They had us check in and wait for 30 minutes. It felt like hours. You are in a large room with chairs and a guard. The kids were bored so we had them race back and forth in this one 20 foot strip. Well that did not last long. Hunter and Spencer started to get into big trouble playing with the metal detector then attempting to touch any computer they could find...ARGGG. They were also yelling non stop. We finally were called and had to go into a small room. You talk to the Embassy worker through a intercom and they sit behind a bullet proof glass. With the boys making so much noise she had to keep repeating herself. Jeff finally threatened them with no movie and that finally shut the boys up for 10 minutes which was enough time to complete the business at hand. 

We asked the question of how do we cross the boarder into American by means of driving from Canada. She looked at us and said "I have never heard of anyone doing that before."  She said that she does not see why it can't be done, just that it has not been done. I started to freak out a bit. We also received instructions on exactly what needs to happen at the US Boarder. So there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be handed to a immigration officer. I don't know what is in the paperwork for it is sealed and we are not allowed to open it. If we do then the deal is off. The immigrations stop will be around 2 hours possibly longer because US Immigration officers boarding Canada are probably not used to dealing with this type of situation. The kids after the immigration officers signs/stamps off will automatically become US citizens. We get social security numbers 2 to 3 months later, that is due to a backlog. Surprise...surprise

Normally it takes them another day to complete the paperwork however, they finished our paperwork for the kids today (same day)! When Zinta dropped off the paperwork with the new Latvian passports for the kids I started to get all teary eyed. The kids are finally legally ours!! There is no way Latvia or American can cancel this adoption it is final. I started to cry then Zinta started to cry. Jeff just stood there looking at me. He was happy but he really doesn't show the emotion of crying.

Afterwards, we meet with another family adopting a younger brother to their already adopted two older siblings. We went to eat at Lido's, feed the ducks, then back to our place to watch a movie and ice cream. Our three were getting tired so we put them to bed right after the movie. They keep asking when we can go home. Hunter is now asking for the pet fish we talked about getting. He also asked for American Mommy food. Elliana wants her picnic outside. Spencer wants the airplane ride and swimming.

Since our documents got done today we are free again tomorrow to do what we want. Jeff and I have not fully decided what to do yet.

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