Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uphill Battle

Well Scenario one did not happen.  I am crushed.  The agency wants us to sign up with them or they will not do it.  So looking at the options pay 20K to update home study or pay $1,400 to another place to do a new home study.   We have found a really nice place to do a new home study.  She even said if we are really motivated and all of our references turn the letters in on time, it should be 4-6 weeks.  That is not the best of news but also not the worst news.  That means we will be done by Middle to end of March.  We can still pull of the adoption before June.  It will be tight and I hope Ukraine grandfathers us in if we are just over. 

Also, most people have been talking to us about the situation in Ukraine.  I find it very sad that people are being killed over the situation.  I have been following it very closely.  It currently is not affecting people applying for adoption; however, if you are in country then it may cause delays.

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