Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pushing Forwards

When we started our adoption plans for Ukraine several people asked us where Ukraine was. Most people have never heard of this country or know anything about this country.  Now, everyone has heard of Ukraine and the turmoil that this country is going through.   Now people keep asking us are you still going to adopt from Ukraine?  The answer is most definitely yes.  As long as they don’t close travel to Ukraine, Jeff and I are going.  These kids need homes more now than ever.   Our current worry is that with the country in turmoil and on the brink of a conflict these kids will be placed on the back burner and their care and well being may be greatly affected.    That has happened to other orphanages in other countries especially when that country’s money is demanded elsewhere and not to the homeless children.  We can’t save all the kids but we can save 2 or 3 of them. That is what drives us forwards on adopting from Ukraine.

This Thursday the new agency is making their first home visit with us.  This will be for a home inspection and face to face introductions.  We have all items but one completed for the agency.  I need our doctor to sign another piece of paperwork saying we are healthy.  This will be his forth to date saying we are healthy since starting this journey.   We just had our entire test done less than a month ago but the rule in Ohio states no paperwork can be submitted to a new agency with a date older then your contract date.  I just hope our doctor will sign and not make us do the test all over again.  The blood work took about a week to complete.  If he agrees then we are on track to finish our home study in our  in record time (possibly as soon as two weeks). USCIS will then needs to update our old home study and I-600a.  Once that is completed we will once again submit to Ukraine. I believe we (hoping and praying) will be there in April, as long as nothing else changes!!!  

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