Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nesting Stage

Jeff and I have been working on starting a family for a few years now.  I have heard several women talk about this famous “Nesting Stage”.  I had never caught the nesting bug until now.  WOW and I’ve been doing some crazy things around the house.  You start doing these things and in the middle you think I have never done this before why now?  Nesting that is why. Below are some of the not so normal things I have been doing.
1.  Cleaned the pan under the fridge.  (Have to admit 1st time. YUCK) 
2.  Got into a large debate over a Growth Chart.  It is super cute but the debate was crazy.

  3. Rug Doctor to the rescue!  Rented one from ACME (grocery store) and it was amazing. Spent many  hours using the machine until I was able to make several sweeps across the carpet with the cleaning solution remaining mostly clear. Now how to keep Jeff and dogs off the carpet? 
  4.  While reading other adoption blog there was a story of an adopted girl who always wanted to have a family picture hanging on the wall.  Well Jeff and I never had pictures of family on the wall so that had to be fixed.  Side note: In the store I was laying out all the frames to see how it looked and a store worker came over and said “that is a lot of work, just buy a custom frame, save time on hanging.”  Jeff most likely wanted to agree but not me.  So Jeff had to put 24 holes in our wall at exact locations…. he did an amazing job!!! They are all level too.

  5.  Went to a Thirty-One party and started buying totes like a mad women.  Now that I am going to be a proud owner of 5 different totes our kids will be so organized.  Jeff, do not worry none of them are pink. 
  6.   I have been getting rid of everything we don’t need or haven’t used in preparation for kids. We had three spare rooms full of stuff that is all gone now.  I also did not stop there every room in the house has been picked over.  I gave to goodwill about 60% of my closet… all of my closets.  It is really amazing how much room we have in our closet and how few clothes we wear, especially Jeff, he is still looking for his old flannels.   
  7.  Our shed had some water damage coming in the front so we put an overhang. Well this Mom to be could not have her shed feeling non-homey.  Now the shed has a panted floor with the word “welcome” spelled out.

  8.   Our mail box is in working condition however there is a broken rivet. That had to be fixed. Not sure how kids will notice but it is all fixed now. 
  9.  The house has two windows that sometimes let in colder air. So we took down the molding and used expandable foam to fix all the holes.

 10. When through the entire refrigerator and combined half bottles of condiments. Also, threw out more food then I want to say out loud that was expired from all food storage places. 

Jeff has been great with helping me on all my different projects. He sometimes finds it weird when I pull my toothbrush out to clean or how I can spend 4 hours cleaning a small bathroom.  At church our pastor had a sermon a few weeks ago and he talked about this “Nesting stage”.  Jeff and I just started laughing.
Hope to have an update soon with travel dates!!  The waiting is almost unbearable but the projects just give me a temporary distraction.

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