Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Silly Document Changes

Just a short update, hard to write a lot when you go farther backwards then forwards.  Ukraine wanted three documents verbiage changed.  One being “ in the past 6 months I made…” they wanted us to say “in the last 6 months I made…”  Well, we had no form to fill out so how was I to know they want last and not past?  Please note they also have my home study that has my salary, financial paperwork that states this as well. The second one was the date said 6/20 and not 20/6, that was a translation error.  The last one was on our promise to register our children, we said “we would register them upon completion of adoption” and they wanted “upon returning to the country of residence.” Again we had no forms or sample to go by so we did our best. We have kids sitting in an orphanage and my paperwork was held due to silly document changes!
If you are reading this blog and thinking about adopting from Ukraine contact me and I can send you my forms so you have the correct verbiage and don’t have to worry about document changes. 

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