Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Country Change

We are going to Latvia!!  It was not an easy decision to make but after a few weeks of evaluating pros and cons, we switched.  We did join an agency which is great to work with an experienced staff.  We are currently gathering up all the new paperwork needed for Latvia.  We only need our revised homestudy report and our BCI back and we can submit to the translators.  We have already been told of two sibling sets available. These kids are so adorable!! 
I put a map on this blog because, if you are like me, when I first hear of this country, you may not know where it is located.

Below are some fun facts about Latvia
1.The national flag is one of the oldest flags in the world. It dates back to the 13th century. The legend says, a Latvian leader was wounded in battle, and the edge of the white sheet in which he was wrapped was stained by his blood.  This sheet was carried into several battles afterwards, making it the flag we see today.   
     2. In terms of Environmental Performance index Latvia ranks second in the world
   3.   Arvids Blumentals was the original Crocodile Dundee. He was the inspiration for the movie.

     4.   The children are mostly blonde or brown hair and either blue or brown eyes.
     5. In 1924, the Laima’s watch tower was set up to help Latvians be on time for work.

   We should have another update soon. 

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