Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dossier almost there

We have almost everything for our Dossier.  In case you don't know what a Dossier is, it is a 8" paper pile that has our entire life in it.  The paperwork is what Latvia will review to see if we are a good match for their kids.  The feeling is simmilar to your first date.  What do I wear? Do I have food in my teeth? Hope they don't notice the pimple on my nose. If they like what they see then we receive a match for some kids!

We only need our I-171 form from USCIS and our Dossier is 100% complete.  In order to get this piece of paperwork from our government we have to submit money (of course), our home study, application form, and new biometrics.  These biometrics will take some time. We have to wait for an invitation to the FBI headquarters in downtown Cleveland.  We have done this before but this time USCIS wants us to start over again.  However Jeff talked to an officer and they will push it through using our old ones but we must get new ones done by November.  This will save us a couple of weeks!  

Our agency is allowing us to send all of our paperwork besides the I-171 to Latvia for translation.  It will take them some time to go through all 8" of paperwork.  So hopefully by the time we get the I-171 the rest of our paperwork will be finished being translation.  

Quote: "So far no morning sickness...but the papercuts are terrible!" - unknown

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