Friday, January 2, 2015

Accepted Referral

We have said yes to these three cuties. We actually said yes back on 18th of December but Latvia has been on holiday and we did not receive a reply to our yes until yesterday. Normally it only takes a day or two then you have a couple of weeks to prepare to be in country.  Latvia celebrated three kings day which is the 6th of January.  So the courts will not give us a travel date until sometime next week.  That gives us a little bit more time to as Jeff puts it "Nesting". 
We were a little short on beds, so we found some nice wood bunk beds on Craig List.  We have been collecting clothes.  Only boy clothes so far, but I will be going shopping this weekend for the girl. We have no idea on their sizes.  So we are guessing currently.
The country did release the kids names to us. They have a first and last name, but no middle name.  Jeff and I are going to give them a third American name. They will take on Holub as their last name of course.
We wanted to Thank everyone for the support.  We also want to thank everyone for the clothes, shelves, and toys we have received.  These kids are going from no family to a community of family and friends who really care for them. THANK YOU!!!!

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