Saturday, April 11, 2015

What a week

I know it has not been too long since my last post but so many things have happened. There was some good and some ugly. The ugly part was we had our first ER visit.  We were getting the house ready for Spencer's birthday with the family and we heard lots of banging and then an all out screaming cry. Elliana fell down our stairs. We knew it was bad when we saw a 4" diameter hole in our drywall.  She kept saying that her foot hurt. However there was no way a foot could make that hole. So we kept asking about her head and elbows, she only replied with her foot.  So as people arriving we were leaving to the ER. She had a fracture in her left foot. So it will be several weeks until it heals. We are not walking with her as much and we are making sure we protect it as much as possible.  Every time we had to ice the foot she would say "No ouchy".  

This week also had a lot of good too.  We had a lot of funny moments.  I normally put the kids to bed by singing about 7 lullabies. I take request from the kids too. One night I had to go to work early the next day so Jeff was on duty while I showered. I finished with my shower, and came out to check on everyone. My husband was sulking and the boys were giggling and talking.  I guess when Jeff tried to sing them to sleep the boys thought his singing was hilarious.

Today we took the kids to Target to get more shoes. On the way to the shoe section we past the sleepwear section. The kids are doing so much better at communicated with us. They are say they like something or when they don't.  Well there was a sexy black teddy with some white flowers on it. Elliana goes up to it and points, looks at Daddy and says "I like it".  I wish I had a camera to capture Jeff's look at that moment. In the end Elliana did not get that but ended up with a pair of church shoes.

Doctors and Doctors and more doctors.  In one week we have gone three times to different doctor visits. Elliana to the ER.  Elliana to the doctor for bumps. Lastly all three kids had eye exams.  We are still not finished yet!  Coming up is Elliana exam for her foot. Hunter needs to get his heart checked out in two weeks. I have learned that you call the insurance company before booking appointments. I like our kids' doctor but he keeps referring us to out of network people, so I have to watch that.

For dinner tonight we had some fortune cookies in our house. Elliana's read "Fear is knocking at the door. Faith answers. No one is there."  I really liked that one. This entire process has been a leap of faith. We did not know how this would have all turned out.  We are still learning too. I am learning that you never get too comfortable when you sit down because you will be getting up within a minute or two. Dinner time... I sit down Elliana needs a spoon for applesauce. I come back sit down. Hunter dropped his fork and needs a new one. I come back sit down. Spencer finished his milk and wants more. I come back sit down. Someone needs a "Mommy do" for cutting up food. I sit back down, some one is done and wants 2 pieces of candy.  I sit back down.  If the kids decide that they don't like a particular food that day I find that if I come over and spoon feed them a couple bites they eventually realized that they do like it.  I know they can do it but no one has ever served them before, so I'm doing it now for the sake of saving time.  My kids will be independent but they also need to know someone is there too.

I put some fun Easter pictures below.  These kids are awesome!

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