Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Counting Kisses

How many times in life do we take kisses from loves ones for granted?  A few nights ago, Elliana came up to me and said three kisses Mom. So I gave her three kisses. She said "No, Mom this morning you gave me three kisses."  I normally only give one when they leave but that morning I gave her three.  She said "Mom more kisses."  So I did not just give her three kisses, I kisses her from her head to her toes. She loved it. She then went on to tell me that Latvian Foster Mom only gave hugs no kisses. She then says that she likes kisses from me. Ever since then she keeps coming up to me and says "kisses Mom".  She has the biggest smile on her face.  My heart melts every time.

Our kids have a special bond that I can't really put in words. Last weekend they were all out side and Hunter was wrapped in a blanket.  Elliana said I am cold. Hunter moves over and covers them both in the blanket.  We went out for ice cream and Spencer finished his first. He was asking for more. Elliana goes over and scoop him some of hers. I pass out vitamins in the morning for the kids if I don't have one of them in the room the other two point out to me that the one kid did not get there's. They will not stop until the other kid received there vitamins.  Hunter is continually getting hurt at day care. Every time he does Spencer and Elliana tell me Hunter is hurt and gives him lots of hugs. We love that these kids have a bond and we want to keep that going strong.  I just want them to realize that we are here too and that everyone's needs will be taken care of. Of course a few wants will be taken care of too.

The kids had a graduation from the preschool.  We went because the kids were talking about it.  During the graduation each kid had to stand on a platform and were asked "what do you wanted to be when you grew older."  I freaked, they know English but no way do they know that.  So the program goes one kid wantd to be teachers, another a police officer, then a firefighters, and other similar careers.  Well they called Elliana's name. I was in the ready position to run on stage to spare her from people all starting at her.  However, she answered right away and said "Mom." She wanted to be a Mom. I don't know if she knew or if any of the kids knew what they were being asked.  Hunter was next, I was not as worried for him. He wants to be a Dinosaur. Yes, no mistake there loud and clean and confident "DINOSAUR" The place when up laughing.  Then Spencer took the stage. He said "Dad".  It was so cute. We now have a Mom, Dad, and yes a Dinosaur in our family.  So how do we rank as parents????  There was finally 10 kids later one little girl who wanted to be a princess then a boy who wanted to be a I guess our kids are not entirely crazy.  At lease we don't have to worry about them being conformists.

We decided it was time to decorate the kids room. They currently only have one solid color on the walls. The boys room is getting dinosaurs. We have a small mural on one wall and we are making dinosaur hooks up from toys to hang on the wall.  The rest will have to wait until we get more financially stable. Elliana wants flowers. We asked my step sister to help paint since she is really good at it. She said yes!!  We are going to paint flowers all over her room.  We picked out the colors already!!

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