Sunday, May 10, 2015

Starting to Trust

So this week has been full of fun, cute, and reality checks.  The kids are adjusting so well that even I forget sometimes where they came from.  I don't want anyone including myself to be sorry for my kids or sad because of their past. I want everyone to be excited about their future.  Elliana just this past Friday started telling that she knows she is different.  When she bring it up I tell her that yes you have a sleepy leg but it is ok we will make it better.  Well tonight when I put her to sleep she again said "This leg ok, this leg is not ok"  I told her that we are working on making it better. I was thinking why is she telling me this and waiting for a reaction.  It was all in how she was saying this. She then asked me in some broken English if Mommy is ok with her not having a good leg. At first I did not know what to say. I told her Mommy loves her with a good leg and without a good leg. No matter what I will love you. I then went through all of the emotions she knows to try to get my point across that I'm not going to abandon her. I said I love you when you are mad, sad, happy, and sleepy.  She got a big smile and she kept hugging me. Daddy read a book to all of us and she had to keep her hand on mine. She also randomly hugged me throughout the book reading.  I thought Elliana would have been to young to remember her birth mom's visit with her.  Her birth mother basically was not ok with her leg and told that to Elliana.  I am telling her I will always love her but now I need to find a way for her to understand or a way to prove to her that I will always love her.

Some people have songs stuck in there head and other may have a rhyme stuck in there head.  Not me. I have playing in my head Hunter saying the color "Blue."  The word "Blue" is one of my favorite things he says. I am not even sure why. It is just a four letter word but when he says it my heart melts.  I always point to something blue and say what is the color.  He says " Um.. Aww.. Blue." So cute.

This weekend was awesome!!  Jeff and I kept singing the song"Everything is awesome" from the Lego movie.  The kids also jump in and sang it too. We went to a couple community events, Touch A Truck and Jr. Firefighter Challenge.  All three did amazing.  Touch a Truck was a blast.  They had diggers, police cars, mail trucks, SWAT tanks, and so much more.  The kids got to climb in them.  The one trash truck the owner was not around and of course my kid figured out how to turn on the CB radio and started changing the channels.  Jeff and I looked at each other and Jeff jumped in to stop them from talking into it. Luckily they only got it tuned to the CB weather station which they got blasting on the loudest setting.  I was laughing once it was all under control.

I was nervous about the Jr. firefighter challenge. It was for kids 10 and younger. However you had to listen and follow directions. The firefighter does not demonstrate but just verbally tells them what to do.  My kids know a lot of English but lets face it they heard their first English words less than 3 months ago.  They did so well. They did everything they were instructed to do. What impressed us even more was that they were not in a group but one on one and they couldn't see other kids to visually copy. So they understood what they were being told!! They had to climb a latter and ring a bell, crawl through two tunnels, get a baby out of house, use a hammer to hit an X on a door, stretch out a fire hose, and spray it on the mock house and then check the chimney. When they were done we got to play in the water. The Fire department had their ladder truck out with a hose and they sprayed it down over a 30 foot area.  They absolutely loved it. We did not bring a swimsuits so we did what any parent would do. Strip to your short well, Elliana kept her shirt on. I think two of our kids maybe in the newspaper coming out this week.  The stow century got their information and asked if they can put their picture in the paper. That would be super cool.

This was a great week. I can't wait to see what the next one brings.

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