Thursday, February 19, 2015

A good day

Jeff and I have been having a hard time adjusting to the change in time.  We keep waking up at night.  Jeff got up at 3:30am and just stayed away.  I was lucky enough to fall back asleep and watch up to three little kids trying to talk quietly.  What a beautiful noise.

We started off the day more structured then yesterday. It was great! I decided to go through our clothes that we brought for them.  Elliana is turning 7 years old in two weeks, she does not fit into any of her size 6 pants.  Her shirts seem to fit, but almost too small.  I tried to put them on her and she got really upset. So I pulled out the only dress I brought and put it on her. She actually hugged the dress when I pulled it out.  It was cute.  We had a red dress with a blue undershirt and purple leggings that she came home in.  We are high in fashion here. Hunter is size 4-5 and Spencer is a solid 5.

We went for our morning walk and Elliana and I stopped into a second hand clothing store.  I got her a pair of pants.  They only had one in her size.  I wish I could have found shoes. The only shoes we have for her are the typical Latvian knee high stiff boots.  She has a foot issue and this causes her to have pain in this type of shoe.  So I am going to try to find her a better pair of shoes.  Jeff and I do carry her after a few blocks of walking. She never asks to be carried but we can see her rubbing her legs.

We decided to take a nap.  It was a short one because we had our case worker coming for their first visit. The nap was too short. The kids were all quiet when she arrived.  She asked us a few questions and our translator translated the whole thing.  She also had to interview each kid.  Well the entire time Spencer would not come into the room with these ladies. He has not show us that he is shy at all. He talks to people on the walks, so we did not understand. They asked Elliana who she is bonding with, she said Mommy.  We are trying to get her to go to Jeff more but she seems very hesitant.  Hunter was also in the room and he right away said Daddy. Then after a moment said Mommy too.  I went to get Spencer since they had to talk to him. He was just standing in the bathroom.  He would not move so I picked him up. He started to grab at the molding to stay there.  I let him calm down and brought him out. I set him down and he ran to our bedroom.  He was sitting facing a corner and again grabbed at everything not to leave the room.  We asked the translator to see if she can ask him what is wrong.  He did not answer. So chocolate and toys were brought out. He at least was playing with something. They asked him who are you bonding with.  He said no one. Our translator asked why and he said they do not love me. She asked why and he said no one has ever loved me. My heart just broke into a million pieces.  Spencer give us time and we can show you love.

We ate lunch and the kids were introduced to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  They loved them! They were scared at first but I put some peanut butter on their finger and that sealed the deal. We went to a park a few blocks away. They all loved it. We are going again.  After dinner we had the door bell ring again. Jeff's sister Sue had some balloons and chocolates delivered. The kids loved it!!  When we called her to thank her every kid was able to say Thank you in English.  I am sure we are going to play a lot with these balloons... until one of the boys breaks them.  


  1. We cannot get enough pictures...They are so cute!!! Perhaps Spencer thought he was going to be taken away....lots of love for that little one. So happy to hear that you have a park nearby! God love and keep you. Mom/Grammie C and Grandpa John

  2. So awesome! Raymond & I look forward to reading the blog every night. Your happiness & love jumps through the screen. Can't wait to meet everyone and play. Take care

  3. Hey Spud :) Yes, I love the pictures too.. I agree with mom I think that Spencer thought he was being taken away. You are right, give him some time and he will come to understand and know your love. That's really great Elliana and Hunter call you Mommy and Daddy already. They each have such personalities already, I love it! I'm thinking about y'all. Love you.

  4. Well you have me in tears again! Sounds like you had a great day. Thanks so much for sharing :) Will be lifting Spencer up in special prayers.