Monday, February 16, 2015

Landed / Court

We made it! Nothing major to report with the travel. If you ever decide to fly across the pond Luftansia was pretty cool, lots of room, decent food and large selection of movies to choose from. Jeff nor I got any sleep due to the turbulence. That just means we will fall asleep tonight right on our new Latvian schedule.  We landed just a few hours before court.

We went to our apartment to check in. I always forget how other countries drive compared to us.  With the taxi driver I just kept in the crash position at all time, glad I was in the back too.  That way I did not get to see all the cars we nearly missed only heard the tires screeching.   Nothing like having a college student be your first driver in a strange city.  We are on floor number 3 1/2.  Yes they do 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 and so on.  Numbers do not have to be in order either.  We are next to 10, 11, 3A, 3B, 12, and 13. We are number 13.  We took the elevator one time and decided the stairs were a lot safer way.  We had enough time to shower and change and jump in our translator car. 

Court was not the court hearing I thought we were going to.  This ended up being a full detail history on the three little ones.  So what we knew before was still true but the kids life's were actually not nearly as rosy as we thought. I was really trying hard to hold back my anger at the birth parents.  In the middle of it all, I changed my focus to these kids. I had to try really hard not to cry then.  We decided the kids past is their own.  One day we will tell them most of what we heard. 

So we are off to finally get some sleep.   


  1. Hey Spud, Glad to hear you both made it safe! I've been thinking about you both! Sorry to hear about your court appointment. God didn't make mistakes with these kids and He made them & put them here with a plan :) They couldn't have better parents. I am looking forward to reading more. Email me with details if you can. Ava asked yesterday if you got your kids yet, I said soon.. she said "that's SO neat!!". We are all excited and your kids are so loved already. We love y'all and are sending good vibes and prayers from Florida. Love, Your sis/ Aunt Gi

  2. Dear Ones, my prayers and thoughts are with you both. No matter the past the future will be full of love and security for our little ones. As the song goes "today is the day, today is the day that the God has made" A new day and new beginnings for all of you. Lots of love and hugs Grammie C/Mom and Grandpa John

  3. OMG...what a beautiful family. Cannot wait to spoil them!!! Love Mom/Grammie C and Grandpa John