Friday, February 27, 2015

Apartment Visit number 2

Well... Spencer packed this morning.  We were wondering if he did it due to how many "Time In's" we had yesterday.  So we did lots of love and hugs today.  Spencer is the one will take everything to heart.  We are trying to be very careful on how we approach him on things.  For example the Latvian night time story CD here was one where the people were having a argument and he got upset.  He covered his face with his hands. Then went face first in the bed rocking back and forth until they stopped.  Also the smallest of disappointments to him are a big deal for this little guy.  For example we are trying to finish up the last of some juice and mine was different. Due to me being sick I don't want them drinking or eating after me.  He wanted my drink and when I said No he accepted it but acted like I completely rejected him.  It is not the same as when I tell an average 5 year old no and they get upset.  It is a difficult thing to explain.  It will just take time for him to really trust again.

We had our second social worker apartment visit today. The case worker was sick so she did not want tea or really to come into contact with the kids.  I was thinking great, I bet I get what you have next.  My body is not used to these germs over here. She asked what we were doing everyday.  She asked about what they are eating. Have we taken them out to eat.  She asked if we went to the aqua park which we are not going to go. None of us have swimsuits. I can't find enough pants in Riga let alone 5 swimsuits that fit! She asked us if we were going to continue with the adoption Jeff and I both said "Absolutely". She gave us an overall great review.  

Our translator helped explain to the kids about our "Time In's".  She also told them not to flick the light on and off or they will be in "Time In." Also no touching the stove.  We forgot to bring up screaming so that will want until next time.  The kids have been very good about the stove and lights when she left just not the screaming part. Our translator also explained to Elliana that tomorrow she turns 7 and we will have a cake with candles, presents, and special plates to eat off of.  Elliana did not understand. Our translator said she has not celebrated a birthday before so she don't not know what I was talking about. It is hard to think that any 6 year old does not know what a cake or presents are on their birthday.  She told us to maybe get a toy for the boys so they don't feel second rated.  So Jeff and I picked up two small toys today.  This store also had the biggest selection of shoes I have found yet in Riga. The store was called Bembi.  We got to measure Elliana foot and it was a 24 long. However we were up to size 28 / 30 to get the height of her foot in. By this point her toes were almost an inch from the front and I can't afford to give her another reason to fall.  So we tired on about 30 shoes and not a single one worked.  I am starting to wonder what an X-Ray would look like of her foot.   

Not sure if I blogged before about Elliana self soothing processes. She has this toy phone and when we are not with her she talking on it. We hear Mommy and Daddy but we don't know what she is saying. She also talks herself to sleep.  One time I told her to be quiet but I don't think she even knows she is doing it.  Hunter also will talk before he falls asleep.  You would think they are talking to each other but they are not.  We are guessing that when they were alone before either in the orphanage or foster care this is how they calmed themselves to sleep.

Tomorrow will be great or tomorrow will be another cranky day. We will see. Either way it will be awesome to have her first birthday!! 

PS Jeff just came in the room after trying to get the boys to sleep.  Elliana called him back with her arms open wanting him to give her a hug.  Jeff is doing a silly dance now.  It is so cute!! Just don't tell him I got hugs and a few kisses from her before bed. 


  1. So glad the visit from the case worker went well. Jeff and yourself are doing a great job! Hope your feeling better soon. Do you have the face chart to tell the children you are sick? Love Mom

  2. We do but they are kids. They don't care if Mommy is sick the just want Mommy to do everything that she always does. Kids :) Got to love them.