Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Passport Pictures

Breaking news!!  Spencer did not pack this morning.  He has been packing his bag as if ready to leave at any moment. He would pack his stuffed dinosaur, cars, and the photo book we mailed to them before we came.  It made me feel like he is understanding more what is going on.  We have been doing lots of bonding games. If you are adopting FB me and I can tell you what we tried and what worked for us. It may not work for everyone but it is working for us.  

As I have said before when you adopting you must be flexible.  Well that was true today.  We were to meet up with our translator a 11:30  we get a call at 10 to be ready in 20 minuets.  Well when you have 3 kids 20 minuets is not a lot of time.  So we rushed and ran out the door no melt downs kids were champs.  

We went to get our pictures taken for the US Embassy doctors first. When we got done our translator received a call that our orphan court lady was stuck in court session and is running late.  So we had to kill some time.  Our translator had another appointment so we ended up staying at a park.  It had some kid stuff but for 3 and under.  Our kids were bored rather quickly.  Elliana and I went for a walk and found two cats.  Stray cats in Latvia are always very friendly. People feed them.  So Elliana and I got to pet the cats.  Daddy had the two boy. Luckily they had park clean up day so there were large trucks in the park which made the boys happy.  While we were at the park a "chain gang" showed up.  These were completely different then what us Americans know as a "chain gang".  They were all kids ages around 2-3 years old. They are all tided together and wear yellow safety vest.  I wish I had a camera on me just to show you. There was about 12 of them all lined up on a walk with a rope they all hung on to.  If I catch one later I will email a picture.

Our translator returned and let us know we missed our passport appointment.  This was for the Latvian passport/ID's as our kids currently do not have ID's.  I started to worry. She then told me we can go we just have to wait in a line.  Well it was now 12:30 and the kids were hungry.  So we went to a coffee shop to eat. This coffee shop reminded me of a Denny's.  I had our translator ask Spencer how he is feeling about this adoption.  He said Mommy and Daddy are good and he feels he gets more hugs and warm touches.  We were so happy to hear this!   We were eating and then received a call that we need to be at the passport place now.  So we got out of there and drove over to the passport place.  The kids did very well while we waited.  I got to talk to their case worker some more too. I did find out that there is another American family adopting 6 kids!! Our agency has a family adopting 5 kids. Between our three families that is 14 orphans that now have a place to call home.  

When we got done we walked about 1.5 miles back to the apartment. Of course our favorite (well the kids favorite) park was on the way back so we stopped to rest there for about 20 minutes.  It was about 4pm when we finally made it back to the apartment. We skipped nap time which lead to lots of "time in" time for our two boys.  We made the mistake of having a nap time too late in the day and the two boys were up til 11:30 pm we're not making that mistake again.  We carried Elliana alot so it would not bother her legs.  Our translator told me that she is shocked she is not in special shoes already.  We will get her to our doctor in Columbus and see what he thinks would benefit Elliana the best. 


  1. What a busy day!!! and I must agree "Good Sports". It is quite cold here..last two weeks have broken all records with below freezing weather. Lot of snow, mostly frozen, and more to come tomorrow. Can you believe that 22 degrees feels warm? Reference Elliana's clothes can you measure her height and send weight and maybe I can figure out her size. Does she like pants or dresses best with leggings? I will go shopping this weekend for the they need anything else? Love you Mom

  2. That's awesome news… it sounds like, they are starting to figure you and Jeff out and the idea that this is permanent. Slowly but surely :) I'm so glad they were able to go with the flow -no melt downs. Don't get sick -wash hands often, drink tea, and get your rest! I love you all!