Saturday, February 21, 2015


We woke up in the middle of the night to a screaming Spencer.  Hunter moves a lot when he sleeps so Spencer is always smashed on one side or the other. Well last night he Spencer fell out of bed. He hit his eye on the corner of the nightstand.  It is swollen and has a cut today. We are hoping he does not end up with a black eye. We did keep waking him up to put ice on him. When he was laying down his eyes were closed but when you sat him up they opened. Almost like the toy dolls.  We kept sitting him up checking for a concussion. We called our lawyer as soon as we woke up to report the accident. She laughed at us pretty hard especially after Jeff told her "I'm sure that will look really good for the social worker to see."  She said if there is any sign of it on our next case worker visit she will let them know we reported it.  I told Jeff "we were worried about not surviving this adoption but now I am worried the kids will not survive." We have had Elliana bad fall, Hunter locked in a bathroom (twice with the lights off), and now Spencer swollen eye.  We are only on day 5. Yikes

Well things did get a lot better as the day went on. We were trying to leave today and we had all the kids go to the bathroom.  Well Spencer decided it was bath time. Jeff was helping Hunter and was about to put Spencer into the bathroom and turned to see him completely naked wanting a bath.  Jeff said no so what is a boy to do. He decided to run around our apartment naked saying bath, bath, bath.  Jeff and I could not stop laughing.

Well we all went to the bathroom and finally got our clothes on.  We got to ride the tram. The two boys really wanted to ride the "Machine" (tram).  When we called our lawyer this morning she told the kids what we were doing. They were really excited about the tram ride. We don't think they knew what a zoo was.

We get to the zoo and at first they would stand off a bit thinking the animals would come closer and get them.  This thought did not last too long at all.  After the third animal they were all climbing and getting right up to the glass. It was a hit! There was one horse that you could reach and we let the kids touch him. The zoo even had a squirrel exhibit, which I found very funny.  Not all the animals were out since it was very cold still. We almost left but the sun came out and the kids were still going right through nap time (we found this to be a mistake later).  The zoo was close to a lake and several people were out there ice fishing.  Elliana made it most of the day walking but we carried her in the end.  I was carrying her when were watching the seal and she gave me 3 kisses and a big hug.  I just about melted.  Jeff tried to get a kiss but she said "no daddy."

We got back around 3:30 and let the kids have a bath to warm up.  They keep finding fun new things to do in a bathtub. This time they would try to talk underwater. They also put the bowls we gave them on their heads. Super cute.

We did not give them naps which might have been a mistake. The boys were overly exhausted and running round. They were being goofy one moment and causing trouble the next moment.  The kids really liked tonight dinner which was some kind of pork rolled in pasta.  It was good. It reminded me of ravioli. Everyone ate their peas too!  We gave them chocolate milk. They have never had it before.  Today was their 3rd time trying it.  They get really excited and want to drink it with a spoon.  It takes them 30 min to drink a glass with a spoon.  They also want to share it with each other, even when they each have their own.  It is cute. Sometimes they are willing to share with Jeff and I.


  1. Looks like a fun time at the zoo!! Just thought of a fun song to do with the children, the Hooky Pooky (teaches right left and arms legs) plus burns off energy! Love to hear about the affection exchanges..this is so important. I am sorry to hear about the incident with Spencer, but a lesson that you will be there for him. It appears that Elliana likes dresses and skirts (I will keep that in mind for shopping). Love the pictures and blog and cannot wait each day to hear about your adventures. Love Mom

  2. Hey, Sounds like you guys are doing a good job! I have been reading daily but I have had a difficult time trying to figure out how to get a message to you. Remember what I said,"one day at a time because you never know what is going to happen the next day." Sounds like you found that true but your doing a good job rolling with the punches! So what will the kids need when they get back? A few winter clothes to get them through. I have the boys sizes but I am not sure about Elliana. And Spring and Summer, do you think they will still be in the same sizes? I guess you can let me know that when you get back. Just didn't know what you may need when you get back. I think it is still going to be cold. Love to all! Andrea