Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cranky Day

Today our little one did not wake up on the right side of the bed.  This was the first day we really struggled with communication.  When a 4 year old is upset and saying the same thing over and over again you want to say yes or no.  Well we have no idea what he wanted. Only the fact that he needed sleep. 

We went to the grocery store like we do every other day.  I decided to see if the kids were Americans or not.  I found a fish head in the store and picked it up. I acted like it was the greatest thing and asked if they wanted it for dinner.  Elliana looked at me like I had three heads.  Hunter stuck his tongue out. Daniels said NO! NO! NO!  I started to laugh.  I guess we have three Americans! Jeff just said Mommy is mean and shook his head. We also let them pick out their own pastry to have later, had to make up for the fish head.  Size to them does not matter on sweets.  We had them in the afternoon and they had no idea what was inside. I wonder what made them choose that one.  Spencer did have the largest one so he shared with the other two.  The way they take care of each other is very touching.  They share their favorite foods with each other so they all can have a bit. They even share with Mommy and Daddy.  I have a good feeling that is how they survived by taken care of each other.

We took them all to the park again today.  Elliana was tired and wanted to be carried at the park.  Daddy said if she gives him a kiss on the check he will carry her.  She did not want to, or did not understand at first so Mommy kissed Daddy's check. Then she gave him his first kiss!  It was cute.  Jeff was on cloud nine.  She was just giggling because Daddy was being so silly about it.  I think Daddy carried her for about 20 minuets this time.  :) The boys were getting kinda tired of the park so they ran around.  I did not notice before but Spencer has to hold his pants up with one hand while he runs.  Jeff and I are going shopping to get him new pants.  We did find Hunter another pair of pants.  Latvia has washing machines but no dryer.  With the temperature in our apartment it takes about  2 days to dry.  So when you only have 2 pairs of pants you run into trouble.  Hunter had to wear Spencer's other pair of pants and he was not happy about that at all. Jeff and I had to hold him down to put them on.  He was fine after that.

We have a routine of watching the videos we take here at night before story book time. We popped some popcorn that I brought with us.  The kids thought it was so much fun hearing the popping noises.  It was a hit.  Only if we could get Hunter to stop eating all the dropped pieces.  When we get home the dogs will beat him to that!

Tomorrow we have the Orphan Court check in appointment.  Our translator will be here too. I am planning on taking Elliana to the cake shop to pick out her Birthday cake. This way the translator can explain what her Birthday is. We had our translator talk to her before about it but maybe with a cake in hand it will make more since. Two more days and she turns 7 and two more days til the end of February, time if flying by!


  1. Awww, I bet Jeff was just smitten after that little kiss :) That's great news, it sounds like everything is going alright. Its good that you kid around with them -having a sense of humor is good and an important skill/trait for them to learn too :) Cranky 4year olds are no fun no matter what. I like how they are sharing with everyone, it is good and I think you are right it was probably how they survived. I love you all and I hope that Elliana enjoys her birthday cake -pictures please (if they let you) at the cake shop! A good mommy/daughter outing :) Ava says hi by the way.. we are home tomorrow if you want to Skype.

  2. Jeff is all happy about it. Yah we can Skype tomorrow. I will contact you with a time.