Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gotcha Day

Today finally arrived. I am a proud mother of three adorable kids! Elliana Estere (sounds like Esta) 6yrs, Spencer Daniels 5yrs, and Hunter Tailers (sounds like Tyler) 4yrs. 

This morning started of with a bang or should I say bells.  We woke up to our alarm which we thought was 6:45am.  We woke up checked our emails. We are sad to say Jeff's Aunt Elaine passed away.  Our thought and prayers are with his family. Jeff was sending out emails and I jumped in the shower.  All of a sudden this apartment was ringing. I believe every room has some bell system. Jeff went to the door and the taxi guy was there to get our rental car.  Jeff's phone was one hour behind, it updated when we landed for our layover in Germany but never updated when we arrived in Latvia.  I have never seen a phone have this issue before.  So Jeff changes (2 minutes) and grabs our rental car. I get ready, and check over the kids stuff.

We head out to pick up the kids in a 9 passenger van.  Jeff had lots of fun driving in Latvia (sarcastically speaking) .  Once we were outside the city limits there was not much around. It appears that people manly live in apartments.  If you do own a free standing home they always have a fence of some kind.  The houses are always square, no mater the size.

We pull up to the place and open the door. I was in first and Hunter come running to me and gave me the biggest hug!  The other two kids were right behind him.  The foster Mom did a good job preparing the kids for this adoption. The kids wanted to show us where they slept and their toys.  We played with them for a bit and then had to have our meeting with the foster mom.  She gave us some good information.  No allergies but she notice that the kids from the orphanage, have an issue with white breads. So we just need to watch that part.  The kids were so sweet and loving.  They played in another room while all the adults talked.

We found out that our Orphan Count was today.  It was just a conference type table. They did not ask us to many questions. They wanted to know what we were going to do with the kids while we are in Latvia. They asked us how we felt. They had us wait outside until they made a decision.  We passed, so that means the kids can live with us.  We have our first social worker visit Thursday and another court hearing soon.

So the backpacks were a hit, they did not want to take them off at all and it seems that the boys found the flashlights very close second favorite just being edged out by the match box cars. Elliana Ester loved her doll, we think she is going to go crazy when she sees the doll house in our basement.        


  1. Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy/elated/excited for you!!!! Totally teared up! Ava is excited too for her new cousins! I love you all! :)

  2. Congratulations!! What a beautiful family!!

  3. Congrats Jeff and Kristen! I am really happy for both you, well the 5 of you! Hope everything keeps moving forward according to plan. Keep up updating the blog, because we will be reading.

  4. OMG..what a beautiful family. We cannot wait to spoil them. Lots of love Mom/Grammie C and Grandpa John