Saturday, February 28, 2015

Elliana Birthday

This morning Elliana was playing house with the boys. She put them to bed and said in English "It is OK".  The boys even played their part and cried saying "nah Gula" (no sleep) It was cute. 

At lunch time we celebrated Elliana's birthday.  We put balloons up in the kitchen and put candles on her cake.  We also got ice cream.  I painted her finger nails and toe nails.  This was the first time the kids have eaten ice cream. Hunter stabbed it with a fork and tried to bit it.  Elliana was using a fork too.  So we showed them how to use a spoon and then it went well from there.  We had to take Spencer's plate away before he started to lick it.  The loved it! We had to change shirts and then we went into the family room to open presents.  She had three of them. That was a perfect amount.  Any more and it would have been too overwhelming for her.  She really loves the Barbie doll she got.  She was hugging it and giving everyone kisses with her new barbie doll. We did get the boys a small toy each. They are happy and playing with them. 

With the sugar high that the kids were having we had to leave the house and go to the park.  They ran around and I wanted to stop at the store to get paper for us to teach more English.  The store was only 30 feet from the park.  Riga is really safe but I was approached by a guy. He was talking to me and cornering me. He put his hand in his coat. Well I have no idea what he was about to do so I shoved him. Then told him No in Latvia and hurried away. I did get another learning English book that should really help.  We have lots of good work books at home, but due to weight I did not bring that many. The one I got here has a video CD with it as well. 

We came home and our 4 year old just was breaking down.  He would not stop screaming.  We called our translator and learned the word screaming.  It helped but not a lot.  He is just a stubborn 4 year old that is not fully attached to us.  Jeff and I tag in and out when needed to help each other.  We had more tagging today then ever before. I am also sick so that does not help at all.  

It is amazing how much latvian Jeff and I know.  We are communicating better with the kids but we have a long way to go.  Here are a few words we know, I am spelling it jut how it sounds. 
Mommy =Mombow
No = neh
Yes = Ja
Bedtime = Gula
Screaming = Narisis
Car = Machine (they use this for cars, truck, buses, trams )
I do not want = Nehge he  (we hear this over and over when we leave the park or have nap time or bed time)
Hot = Charss (everything warm can be hot to them) 

We recognize several others and that helps. Elliana in just the last day or two started to show us what everyone wants. That has been great.  Hunter said "up" to me today when we wanted to be carried.  Elliana said "hot" in the bath tub too!  I think that is pretty good for less then two weeks. We will keep up our English learning every day.

Jeff stopped and got us Circus tickets for next week!Tomorrow we have a puppet show we are going to.  There are a lot of things to do in Riga.  If you adopting from Latvia Facebook friend me and send me your email. I can email you a copy of the map I have that list all the things to do with kids. I even mark what level the place is at and some tram numbers. 


  1. You have to tell Elliana Happy Birthday from us. Tell them all we are looking forward to being their neighbors. I guess you will have to explain who we are. Take Care! Hope you get feeling better Kristen.

  2. Thanks. I am so glad we have neighbors like you.