Sunday, March 1, 2015

Puppet Show

Today is right around the time where the kids feel like this is too long for a vacation and that something is changing.  So that leads to kids being more scared which ends up with lots of crying by lots I mean hours of crying.  It happens around day ten for most kids that are adopted. It is just part of the grieving process. We knew about this before so we were prepared for it, it still does not make it easier.  All the kids were crying today at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes we cuddled them and other times we did "tough love".  It all depended on what little thing set them off. 

We had tickets to a puppet show today.  We got the kids ready to leave but Elliana did not want to go outside. We did not know how to tell her we were not going to the park but to a play.  I said movie and theater in Latvian but she did not understand that either and we even showed her the tickets.  Maybe she has never been before.  So she cried until we arrived at the theater.  The kids were very quiet when we arrived and did not move away from us too much.  We had 5 seats in the back but we could see just fine as the theater is quite small. The kids really enjoyed it. They did a great job with with the puppets.  Jeff and I could understand the base story line.  Their was a mother duck with four ducklings. Someone was kidnapping the ducklings. In the end it was the fox and all the kids were returned.  Jeff and I decided if the kids are happy then we are happy.  I know our pastor back in Stow Ohio would have really enjoyed the show. It made me miss home thinking about it. 

We then returned home for lunch. Elliana and Spencer can pick sleep or English class.  They both picked English class.  We wrote the alphabet and their full names.  The kids get the J's and S's backwards.  Other then that they can write the full alphabet.  We are working on naming things in English around the house.  They are using them as well. Later on Elliana needed a spoon and she asked for it in English. 

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