Monday, March 9, 2015

The Flying Frog

This morning started with a bang or should I say a crash. We were getting breakfast ready and I hear a crash.  I go running and see my closet door on the floor and Spencer crying. He carried the door from our bedroom to the kitchen. If you don't get the energy out of boys they will find a way. His ankle is nicely bruised and swollen. We put ice on it.  He complained it hurt in all day.  Hopefully he will leave the door alone now.

Getting the boys energy out really worked yesterday so it was straight to the park again.  I stayed home with Elliana. The boys all went to the park. I wanted to work with Elliana more on learning her ABC's.  We have been singing the song and today I think she put it together.  She wrote upper and lower case letters. I also had her write numbers out.  We went over colors as well.  She is starting to get it.

The boys got home and we made a noon reservation at the flying frog.  We picked this place because they advertise a kids playing area. We were cutting it close so we took a cab there. The boys loved the cab ride. It was the best food we have had here in Latvia here.  The kids really liked the beet soup. I got some seafood soup which had octopus, clam, shrimp, and some other sea creatures. We ordered a side of fries and the two boys wanted to eat the lettuce they put on their for decoration. So we let them have it.  They put us at a table right next to the kids room. The kids area was small but it entertained the kids which is all the matter to us.

We walked the 9 blocks back home.  We all needed to walk off that meal. We got to see Gertrudes Church. It is build in the center of a round about. It was a beautiful building. Hunter was being stubborn and did not want his picture taken. So below you would think we only have two kids.  We took some pictures of the building while we walked. Daddy got his work out in. He carried each child for two blocks.

We got home and it was the boys turn to learn their ABC's.  Spencer had no issue. Hunter kept crying and fighting me the whole time. He would throw his paper or pencil. I had to wait for him to pick it up. I think the first time was about 30 minutes before he would pick up his paper.  Spencer was done before we were even on letter B.  Hunter has never written the ABC's so I had him trace mine. He did do the L, T, I, and J on his own.  We will build him up to more letters.

To relax we watched another movie tonight since Elliana was asking for one. Spencer fell asleep again. I think we all just needed a break today. The kids are still learning and pushing boundaries, that is to be expected.

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