Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Natural History Museum

This morning we woke up and the kids came in to cuddle. Hunter put his head on Dad's chest and hugged him. Jeff said"He is giving me all this loving and hugging because he knows he will be trouble today."  Well he didn't disappoint...

We had breakfast and I did pack lunch for us today at the Museum.  We told the kids we were going to a Museum. They had no idea what we were saying. The boys were getting ready but Elliana did not want to leave and screamed her lungs out.  So I think I got a sneak peak of what is to come in her teenage years. YIKES! We tried to put her shoes on but she fought us. So we changed plans. I took the boys to the park and Daddy was to say here with her and work.  I left the lunch here and we walked to the park. On the way to the park we ran into the family staying below us here in the apartment. They are adopting a 15 year old girl.  This girl knew Hunter and Spencer. The foster mom of my kids, mother also fosters. The kids saw each other randomly. Hunter talked with her and held her hand.  Spencer smiled but did not talk.  The girl was very sweet and was happy to be with her new family. Also, one of the pictures I have of the kids 2 years ago has this girl in it. I emailed it to them since they have no pictures of her younger years.  It was very awesome to meet her. We hope to meet up again.

When we got to the park, there there was 30 other kids.  I thought these two would just jump right on in. However, they both would not leave my side. If they did they did not go far and kept calling out Momma. While we were playing Elliana and Daddy showed up.  I guess after we left Elliana wanted to be with us.  Daddy also showed up with the packed lunch too.

We all walked to the Natural History Museum which was only an addition block away.  Well this Museum had more to look at but everything is in Latvian.  The had some touch and feel areas which the kids really enjoyed.  Hunter sent off the alarm on floor number 2 because he jump into the exhibit. So he had to hold hands with us for the rest of the time.  On floor number 3 Spencer found the light switch for the entire floor and shut them off.  I was scrambling turning them all back on. I was amazed we were not asked to leave. The lady in charge of the floor did not even say anything. It was like it happens all the time.  Light switches in Latvia are lower to the ground then in the US, perfect for younger kids to reach.  We were on the fourth floor and Elliana had to go to the bathroom. So I carried her down four flights and them back up four flights of stairs.  Then Spencer had to go, I made him walk.  When then I came up and Hunter had to go. But he would only let Mommy go with him.  I also made him walk even when he asked to be carried.  We did not even go to the 5th of 6th floor.

I realized today that my clothes are baggy on me now. However, I believe I am gaining weight due to added muscle.  Jeff thinks my arms are more defined too.  My back feels like it is getting the biggest work out. I should have no problem moving steel forgings around back at work.

We stopped at a little shop to eat our lunch and returned back home.  It was late so we just let the kids play.  Elliana wanted to learn English so she could play on the I-Pad afterwards.  We have not used the I-Pad in a few days so we agreed.  They all did their English. Elliana and Spencer lowercase and upper case.  They are doing so well.  After English we were in melt down city over here.  Elliana even had her first time in for slamming doors.  She was mad at Hunter who took her toy phone. We had dinner and we are noticing the kids are picker eaters now then before. We got stuffed cabbage rolls that were amazing! Jeff wants to go back tomorrow and get more. The kids freaked out with it.  They kept asking for other foods but we told them eat this first then they can have more. This also led to some of our melt downs.  However, everyone wanted bananas.  The Banana trick worked for Spencer and Hunter but still was not good enough for Elliana.

I was also very upset someone sent me a link saying,"I think these are your kids".  I found that another agency has our kids listed up for adoption. Even worse was the fact they are raising money for these kids adoption. So people are giving money when it would never go to these kids adoption. When I get home I am going to call this agency up and say that is a plain lie. I also told my agency and they were very upset and are working on it too.  Jeff and I had 24 hours to decide on these kids before they were going to send them out to other agencies.  We took longer then 24 hours so the kids information was sent. That is how they probably got there information, the agency did change their names but the bio is our kids.  I am checking every day until they take them off this site.  It reminds me of before some agencies are corrupt and in it for the money not the kids.  If you are adopting just research your agency and check referrals.  

I wanted to blog about the Latvian culture a bit. Since we have been here we have received lots of dirty looks.  People in Latvian all dress the same and act the same. If you do something different you are crazy.  You wear only black or a very dark shade of blue. You do not smile at anyone or look in their direction. One old lady stopped us and was talking to the kids. After a while we realized she was telling Elliana to walk straight.  We just picked her up and moved on. The fact that I wear jeans is just weird. I do have heels which helps me fit in but I am not wearing all black so I am weird.  When we were at Lido the girl that worked the play group said it is the older Latvians that are like that. The newer generation is trying to change that way. She said it was like that due to when Russia controlled Latvia.  Very interesting to hear other people's opinions.


  1. My goodness you two will be ready for the "Tough Mutter"! Museum Day was quite an event..keeps Mom and Dad sharp. You are doing great and love you. Mom/Grammie C

  2. Just keep smiling! You guys are doing a Great Job and those kids love you! That's all that matters!