Saturday, March 7, 2015


Today we wanted to try another park.  You know the saying "Don't go on the other side of the tracks"?  Well today the park we wanted to try was on the other side of the railroad tracks. We went and came right back.  We were defiantly in an area we were not comfortable being in, a lot of shady characters during mid morning on a Saturday. Then we get to the park and it is completely tore up undergoing construction....So back to our side and the usual park.

For lunch we had hot dogs.  It is so fun seeing the kids try new foods.  Hot dogs are acceptable to these three.  Additionally they all wanted seconds on the pineapple too, man these kids can eat.

We got circus tickets for today, thinking clowns, animals, and good entertainment.  Circus must have changed a lot since I was a kid.  This was a very "sexy" show.  One of the shows was a girl hardly dressed dancing on a candy cane pole.  There was also lots of lovey couple dances.  Our kids were bored during the show but maybe not Spencer. They did have a clown that was funny in the first half. The kids did like him a lot. The joker in the second half took his shirt off and stuck toilet plungers in certain areas. So we were done with the circus today.  Jeff and I gave each other lots of looks during this show. I kept checking around and yes there were lots of kids here but manly Dads with them. Hummm.....Although i do have to say that the acrobat acts were good.  Over all maybe a two star performance but i'd probably choose another event for kids though pickings are getting slim at this point.  

We also went to the park to get rid of some energy. Having two boys equals lots of energy. If you don't get the energy out then trouble happens. They will start to get into everything.  We also had bath night to help. They love the bath. They ask for it every night.

Sorry no pictures today. The circus does not allow it, I think they are worried someone will make a video. I can see it now the girl version of Magic Mike with a circus twist.


  1. LOL, at least you did hear from the boys, 'Sexy Lady." I bet you were scared going to a place you had never been before and not feeling safe. It is scary to do that in the U.S. but to be in another country!!
    Stay Safe! Can't wait to see you all!


    1. Yah I was scared. We saw some people I would really not want to run into. We are sticking with what we know from now on