Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zoo Round Too!

This morning we decided to go to the zoo again, yea we're running out of things to do here.  While waiting to catch the tram there was a girl who need a crutch to walk and both her legs were affected. It made me think what would had happen if Elliana would not have been adopted.  The girl was begging for money. Jeff gave her 2 Euro. The girl went into the store and got a sandwich. She smiled at us and left with her food. She did not beg for anything more, she just wanted a sandwich to fill her belly.  It really got to me.

The kids really enjoyed the zoo this time. The first time they did not look at the animals for very long. This time they acted like normal kids and were talking about the animals.  We spent a lot of time watching these monkeys play around.  They also had a mini petting farm with some sheep, goats, pigs, and a barn cat.  The kids got to pet the sheep, goat, and cat.  They did really well. They were scared at first but then started to enjoy it. The zoo had a rope climbing tower. We had to teach our kids how to climb.  I think our kids just did not have the opportunity like most kids to do a lot of activities. They had a hard time understanding that they needed to lift their feet up to climb.  The boys got it in the end.  Elliana tried but we need to work with her more, she is just not that flexible. Also, we did not carry Elliana at all.  She never asked us too.  I think her legs are starting to adjust to the walking we are doing. I am hoping it will help stretch her legs too.  Overall we had a lot of fun at the zoo.

On the tram ride back Hunter fell asleep. Jeff carried him all the way back and magically as soon as we reached our door he woke up and wanted down. I think he just did not want to walk all the way home and up the flight of stairs. Well... Jeff got another work out.

We had bath night tonight. While the boys were playing or should I say getting the entire bathroom wet including Daddy, Elliana and I worked on her hands. She is weaker in the left hand and favors her right a lot. So we played with the train that you take apart and put back together. You have to use this plastic screw driver to remove the plastic screws holding it together.  That means one hand holds the toy and the other hand turns the screw driver that is balancing in the slots of the screw.  She wanted me to do it at first, but with some encouragement she did it all by herself!  I helped by showing her where to put some parts.  Also, which way to turn the screw driver but she used both hands and all fingers. I thought it was awesome. We need to work more at it but I was thrilled. She knew she did something really good. We also showed Daddy!

When putting the kids to bed Spencer wanted me to kiss his dinosaur.  I thought it was cute.  Hunter then in turn wanted his lion kissed. Another great day gone.


  1. Kristen, Did you get the email I sent Jeff?

  2. OK, I had to send another email. I was off the email by one letter.

    :) Andrea