Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Travelling Home Part 2

So we fly over to Germany and got onto our next plane with no issues. This was our longest plane ride. The kids did way better then I thought they would.  Don't get me wrong there were times that they had it but overall they did well.  Hunter had the hardest issue being 4 years old.  He screamed for about 30 minuets and cried for another solid hour.  The flight agent gave me a entire stock of gummy bear bags. I think he ate about 8 small bags worth. It kept his quiet and everyone could relax without him crying.  We did do walks about the plane until an flight crew member told me to stop. So we did the stairs up and down to the lower level of the plane.  There was nothing down there besides toilets. At first he thought I would bring him down there to use it so we went about 3 times before he got the idea.

We land in JFK airport and had to go out to grab a taxi or shuttle to LaGuardia airport.  United told us that they have their own shuttle and it will be at no cost. Well that was a lie. They also said our luggage would transfer, another lie.  We ended up taking a shuttle because the taxi lady said 5 people was too many.  We waited for the shuttle for about 30 minutes in low 40ish degree weather. The kids were getting tired at this point and in Latvian time it was there bed time. We get on the shuttle and head to the next airport.  Once at LaGuardia and the guy behind the counter said our flight to Cleveland has been cancelled due to bad weather.  It was low 40s and sunshine in NY.  We called another United agent and our adoption agency.  The only way to get us home that night was for us to go to Newark in NJ.  The kids were laying on the ground around us trying to sleep and a United person came up and said kids can't lay down they have to stand.  Well Momma bear came out.  Our kids should not even be here we should be home or on a plane by now.  I did not say a lot but the guy left me alone and looked back one time and disappeared behind  closed door.

We got a taxi to Newark. We were not following the car safety rules but we did to have a lot of time to catch the 9:25pm plane home.  After a $152 cab ride we get the airport. At this point our kids were done. They could not move. When we got to boarding our plane they started to cling to the chairs. I got Elliana off and she started walking away from us. Now she did look like she was sleep walking.  A person on our same plane offered to carry our bags. I had to take that offer. The kids would not let go of the seat. Jeff carried the boys on and I carried Elliana. We get on the plane and wait.  We waited about 30 minuets for some people to board that had a late connection flight.  We finally start to push away and then we stopped again. apparently the tow bar they use for pushing aircraft away from the gate broke in half and now they have to bring a mechanic out to make sure nothing on the plane broke during the accident.  I was getting upset along with several other people on the plane. Well they did their job and cleared us to take off this set back our flight by 1 hour and 30 minuets. Jeff was going to rip someone apart. This was just too much for the kids.  They needed beds.

Finally we land in Cleveland. I have never been so happy. I used my belt to tie all their backpacks together so we were ready for 3 melt downs.  My father was there to pick us up.  What a beautiful feeling being home after such a terrible trip back home.

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  1. Welcome home! Document the trip with united and you might get enough miles for a first vacation for the family! Let us know if you need anything!