Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Last Free Day

Today was our last free day. The rest of our time here is booked with Appointments, doctors, and US Embassy.  We went to Old Riga to pick up a birthday present for our niece. We walked all around and check out a few buildings. The kids were getting bored so we went back to the apartment for lunch.

This afternoon we took the kids back the science center.  I asked a lady who spoke broken English to teach Elliana how to ride a bike. The lady told me, Elliana is very nervous. We got her to at least move forwards. However, she keeps looking at her feet so she can't see where she is going. It was still a huge improvement. I was cheering on the side to keep her courage up. We have to work on courage and self confidence with her. These kids have been in a box for so long that everything is new. Tonight we worked on cutting our food with a fork. Yes that sounds like something they should already know but if you really only ate soup and mush, you would not know how to cut with your fork. We also worked on putting peas on our spoon using a fork to help. Yes mush is actually what was translated to us for what the kids typically ate.  Not sure what mush is but I don't think they will be eating it again.

After the science museum we went to this fast food burger place so the kids could ride the stationary car or "Machine". The rides in Latvia are free! Well we needed water so Jeff got two waters. The one thing here is you always have to ask for "still" water or you get this sparkling water. We got one of each by mistake. The kids tried it and made some funny faces. They have never had carbonation before. We thought everything was good until we got home. Spencer started getting sick. The only thing different we had today was this sparkling water. He was so sick he messed his pants while being chased by Elliana. So we gave him some Pepto. He was in the bathroom a lot tonight. So no soda for this kid.

We had another incident tonight of maybe odd behavior. This time we call our translator so she could talk with the kids and ask why.  She said it could be one thing or they are pushing boundaries in more of an extreme way. She said we should get them evaluated. So late tomorrow night we are having another appointment. We should have better answers tomorrow night.  I am currently all worked up, now that my translator said what some of the possible issues arise from such behavior. We will just have to see.

Below is a picture of some flower street vendors.  I do really enjoy flowers. I look forwards to my garden in the summer. The second is of the church where we took the elevator to the second from the top opening for the awesome view of Riga.

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