Friday, March 6, 2015

Case Worker Visit

This morning was again family cuddle time in bed. The kids bring their pillows. The boys grab their stuff animals. Elliana grabs Barbie. It is fun we all laugh and enjoy being a family. We ate breakfast and had to wait around for our case worker visit. The kids kept asking to go outside. They were getting mad when we kept saying in a little bit... So what happens when the the natives get restless they start looking to cause trouble... :-)

The visit went well. She wanted to know what we were doing to prepare the kids to travel. Did we have our house ready back home. We showed her the videos of our house. I recommend taking videos of your house before you travel to get your kids. The case worker really liked that and the kids like to watch it a lot too.  She asked how were home schooling the kids. We told her that their Grammy C and Grandpa John were teaching the kids while we worked. We went over the schooling plan with her. She had to talk to each of the kids again. Elliana was just talking away. Both of the boys did not want to talk.  It was funny the case worker said to the boys that she is not leaving until they answer her questions and that they would sit here all day long. So we had to wait until they at least shook their heads one way or another or gave one word answers.  They had to answer if they wanted to be adopted by us.  They also had to answer if they liked us or not. We finally we got them to answer and it was yes for both questions. A lot of pressure for these little ones.

Our translator stayed a bit to help us explain some thing to the kids. We had her to talk to Hunter about not running away out in public. The kid will bolt. I don't know if he will stop or not. He got 1.5 blocks away one time. I really had to run hard to catch him. He thinks it is a game. But here in Latvia cars sometimes drive on the sidewalk too. One time we had a car almost hit us. It was within 6 inches before I could pull Hunter, Elliana and myself out of the way. We also had two Latvian words we wanted translated. Hunter when we correct him sometimes yells this word. Well it means "stop" in Lativian.  He does not use the word correctly all the time either. It is like he is repeating what he thinks we are saying. We have a feeling he was told to stop a lot and maybe not as nicely as we do it. The other word Spencer once in awhile will say to Elliana in a sentence. She gets really upset and cries. I took me awhile to pin point what word. Well tonight we found out it was a bad word, a really bad Latvian word. Our case worker and translator both jumped when I said it. They would not even translate what it means in English to me.  So 5 minutes time-in as soon as we hear that word.

After the visit was over we went to our park. We go to this park all the time. Well today the kids looked like they were getting bored with the park. They just wanted us to chase them around and spin them.  Jeff and I agreed with them that we were bored too. We are really starting to miss home. We have been counting the days down.  We left the park and Jeff wanted coffee so we stopped at a little shop.  Well it did not take long and Hunter spilled Elliana's drink on himself and all down Mommy's pants. So now we have an upset girl and I got to walk 5 blocks home wearing his drink.  Hunter kept pointing to his pants which were wet but I definitely had the majority of the drink on my pants and shoes. So when we got home we stripped and did a sponge bath.  

When we were home everyone wanted a nap besides Elliana. Spencer actually asked to take one. So he jumped in bed and Hunter climbed on top of Daddy and fell asleep. It was so cute. Daddy fell asleep holding Hunter. I wanted to sleep but did not want to since Elliana was still up. She colored and showed me her work.

When the boys all woke up they were on the move and very stir crazy. So we had to go for a walk.  We went grocery shopping, which we do almost every day. Food in Latvia is not cheap. Two packs of strawberries is $8.50 Euro.  Less then 1/2 a gallon of milk is $2.70 Euro.  The only thing that is cheaper here is cake and pastries. A well decorated care with layers is only $8 Euro on average. Also Euro to dollar is about 1 Euro to 1.11 Dollar. Minimum wage here in Latvia is $320 per month!!  That is $80 a week.  Clothes are also very expensive here. Sewing shops and fabric shops are everywhere. People make their own clothes a lot to keep the cost down.  I did find out an interesting thing, they have social doctors and they have private ones. To go to a social doctor here takes months of waiting in line.  They may not have insurance taken out of the paychecks every month but $320 a month can go very quickly here in Latvia. I honestly don't know how they live.  Gardens are popular but you can only have that in the summer.  I don't know what homes cost here, I am curious.

Bellow are pictures of how we keep from being bored.  The stickers are  like coupons the stores give you, we don't really know how to use them other than for kid entertainment.  So much chocolate on their faces. HA!


  1. Hey - well it sounds like the family bonding is getting stronger each day. I'm really glad to hear that it sounds like they look to you both for their physical and emotional security already. That is kind of funny about Spencer turning off the lights at the museum. Mr. Hunter yes, is going to have to learn not to run like that --safety town! It also sounds like Elliana is getting more close to Jeff. The case worker visit sounded intense but you both handled it well and were prepared. I agree, that those were heavy questions to ask such young children. I hope you are feeling better. I love you all, have a good day Sunday!

  2. Maybe funny but a entire floor of lights! It was very dark. He thought it was funny. I was glad the place was almost empty. Love you and miss you