Friday, March 20, 2015

Life at Home

The kids are doing better then I thought they would be doing. They are back to sleeping over 10 hours a night but I believe that is due to the extra stress of a new place. In Latvia for the first few weeks the kids slept a lot but the last week they were down to 9 hours. So hopefully in a few weeks that will be the case here too.  Also hope in a few weeks the new boundary testing comes to an end. It is like our week one all over again. The only improvement is we just have to count to 1 and they know what happens when we reach 3, "time in."

For three kids who have never been around dogs, they do very well.  They love the dogs. Not sure if the dogs love them, they (the dogs) keep giving us this "what are things things doing here" look HA!

We took them to the local fire department playground, Cleveland's Aquarium, and our backyard. There is a lot of new sights to see and things to learn.  Hunter already did a nice face plant at the park and his face is full of cuts. He also somehow has a nasty looking welt on his butt. It appeared Tuesday. We have no idea where he got it. Looks like he jumped butt first on a match box car.

We had one major language failure this week.  We had the kids outside and we were telling them not to set in the dog's poop.  We were explaining that the dogs go to the bathroom outside.  Well a few moments later Hunter pulls his pants down and poops in the yard.  AAHHHH! He thought he was to go to the bathroom outside.  Bathrooms have been a big change for these kids. When they left the foster we had to teach them to flush after going to the bathroom.  In Latvia toilet paper was not always allowed in the toilet. So now we are home we flush, toilet paper in toilet, and the toilet itself is different. So I can see how he was confused but still I hope my neighbors did not see this.

Today we had our first American Doctor visit.  The kids ended up with 3 shots each. Hunter screamed and cried. Spencer and Elliana did not even move a muscle. We were very proud of them. The doctor wants all three to have their hearts tested. Two of them he feels may have a minor issue.  So they all get a echo gram done in a week. Spencer needs blood work to see if there was any lasting affects from his hard childhood. He would just need medication if there is a lasting deficiency. Elliana is signed up for physical Therapy. That makes me very happy!! We need someone to keep working on her legs. I have been doing some but we need muscle building and I am not sure how to do it. If we put her legs in the correct position she cannot walk because she can't carry her weight on her right leg at all. But if she walks with her feet turned in she can. She just need to build up the correct muscles. I have started working with her and she has no issues doing it until she falls.

They have not had any major issues with the food change. They loved their grandma's chicken noodle soup.  They really like my favorite comfort meal, cream of chicken on rice. Today we gave them green beans and carrots with a dip for lunch. They also had a PBJ sandwich.  The did not eat the sandwich but had thirds and fourths on the veggies. Jeff and I almost made them eat the sandwich by holding back the green beans but thought better of it. Our kids love certain veggies and just about all fruit.

Breaking News:  Elliana this morning kept saying a word to me but I had no idea what it was. Finally at our veggie lunch she pointed to her teeth. I went over and we have our first loose tooth!! She was saying it hurt her. We made a huge deal about it and then she got excited about it. I am tonight working on turning my ring-bearer pillow into a tooth fairy pillow. I got some charms to spell out her name. Tomorrow we will go pick out some fabric to make the pocket. None of our kids have lost a tooth before.  It is not uncommon for orphans to hang onto their baby teeth longer. Since we have been giving her calcium and healthy food her body will start to grow and thrive again.

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