Monday, March 2, 2015


Today was a great day! We all woke up and had breakfast.  Right after breakfast we did some English classes.  We let the kids played while we cleaned up.  I kept hearing Spencer saying something so I went closer to him he was singing "Sexy Lady".  We have no idea where he picked that one up.  I did not want to laugh so I had to leave the room.  It was so funny.  He can't learn the name of colors but he learned part of the song "Sexy Lady."

We went to Lido. This all famous place to go when you are in Latvia. Well it is only famous in the summer time. In the winter time they do not have anything to do other than an outdoor ice skating rink and indoor kids play area.   We were defiantly not doing ice skating.  The kids played for 3 hours straight.  This was the first time that they did not need Jeff or I to play.  We actually could sit down and relax. They came up to us randomly but we were no part of the entertainment.  What an amazing break it was for us. It was worth the taxi ride fee and the expensive lunch, ten times over. We felt recharged and relaxed. The food was your typical Latvian food.  I had chicken stuffed with cottage cheese and pineapple on top. Elliana had a crepe stuffed with some kind of weird meat. She did not like it either. Spencer had three main courses and ate them all too.  Jeff got some meat on a stick and a hard ale.  Hunter got some pasta. 

We went directly from Lido's to an apartment that was rented to an American family adopting 2 kids.  It was wonderful meeting them. The kids they are adopting are 12 year old girl and a 15 years old boy.  They already had some younger kids so it was a great play date. Again the kids were able to play and Jeff and I got to talk. The kids came up to us randomly but again we were not the main entertainment.  We also got to have a great long conversation in English.  While we were there we did have their adopted daughter ask our kids some questions for us.  We found out that yes the walking does hurt Elliana legs.  We told her to point to her leg and say "Ouch" so we know when she has gone too far. Elliana also said she loves Mommy and Daddy.  We had them ask Elliana and Spencer if they were happy with their name change and they both loved it.  We tried to ask Hunter but he is a 4 year old boy playing with his new friend and new toys so did not want to be bothered with silly questions. So that conversation went no where.  We did however get her to ask him how he is feeling about us as parents. I have been worried since he has been in "Time In" a lot.  He said he really loves us and is happy.  They all wanted to get to American now. I am not sure where that came from. Maybe the foster Mother? While we were at the apartment we also checked in on the kids if they were not in our line of sight. Well Jeff went to check on Spencer and he was using the bathroom.  He was washing his hands using the dubai.  Jeff was laughing.  Thank God we do not have one of those in our bathroom!!!

Overall it was the day we needed.  Jeff and I are recharged and ready to face another day. 


  1. Hey sounds like a good day :) I'm glad y'all got a bit of break -- its important, even when you get back here y'all need date night once in a while. Sexy Lady! yeah who knows where he got that. That's good you got some translating done for ya. I love you all very much!

  2. Sounds like you had a productive day. I bet you can't wait to get back home. "Sexy Lady." LOL As they are learning their English you may hear a few interesting words. :)

  3. LOL LOL LOL washing his hands in the dubai! :) :) :)