Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adjusting all over again

We have been told that we might have to relive some of our earlier adjustment stage. I never wanted to believe it but it is true. If you are adopting be prepared to go almost back to square one when you get home. The only bonus is the kids know you and know what to expect from you.  The stages are shorter but they do mentally go back. The house is new and the people are new. Spencer went back to rocking as his self soothing however, I did not see him do it today. Today he also started giving me smiles again when he would walk in a room. Or just look over at me to make sure I am there. It was good to see those smiles again.  The kids are all sleeping a ton, 12 to 13 hours! Over half the day they are asleep. That was how it started in Latvia as well. What makes it all worth it are all the small things. For example, Spencer wanted me to keep singing him lullaby's tonight. I am not a good signer but he smiles and it calms him.  Elliana when I was sitting on the couch got up from the chair came over and gave me a huge hug with a ear to ear smile.  Hunter just melts your heart when he cuddles with you in the morning. Not sure if we will get that until the weekends but it is my favorite time with him. I stay in bed now waiting to hear for signs that he is awake. Then I wait for him to come into the room and jump in bed with me. He will kiss me and wrap his arms around me half awake. I love it!

I also think that the adjustment was harder because we did not plan as well as we did in Latvia. We are home yes but our normal daily functions are not in place. The schedule will not even be set for another two weeks. We are going to do an educational day care for two days a week. So M-F Jeff and I work. Wednesday and Thursday they will go to day care staring in two weeks. Sunday we have church. We do want to start bible study but think we should wait until they know more English. I did find one really good summer school program but if anyone knows of others please let me know. I am looking for a place to build onto what they know of the ABC and numbers.

Tomorrow will be a traumatic day for them. Jeff and I both go back to work. I am doing a 1/2 day at work and then work when the kids go to bed at night. No sleep for me but the kids might not handle a full day away from us. They only have been away from us both for 2 hours.  Tuesday will be 3/4 of a full work day because we have dentist appointments. We don't have insurance but I am worried about Hunters teeth. If we need to pull some of the teeth or get some surgeries, I want to start before any adult teeth start to fall into place. Not sure how much I have previously written about his teeth but in the front there are some spots where you can see a tooth ring that is gray. There is no tooth just like a nub of one. There is one hole that really bothers me because I think it is a root showing this is the case for the front top four. None of the kids can handle cold or hot food but I really wonder if any of it hurts him.


  1. Hoping your 1st day back went smoothly and the kids did well :)

    1. Thanks. It is an adjustment but it is worth it. The kids are doing better then I thought they would. I can't imagine how much change has just happened in there lives.