Friday, March 27, 2015

America "Labi"

I can't explain how happy it is to have these kids. We have waited a very long time and now they are here. These kids are better then what I imagined. The hugs are real. The kiss are real. The random smiles are real.  I sometimes wonder what makes me so special that these three are so happy to be taken away from all they know and are now here with me. It is not all sunshine and roses but it is in the small moments that makes everything worth it. I hold onto those moments and get me through everything else.

We are still adjusting to our schedules. There has been some changing around but we will start to get into a different schedule soon. Jeff and I are now back to work full time. Our jobs have left us plenty of work to come back to. HA. Work is a different kind of stress then watching children.  So currently I don't think one side is draining me from the other. Well maybe the lack of sleep is hurting my work, I am not thinking as quickly as I normally do. I should be getting more sleep soon.  I'm looking forwards to that.

We did take the kids to the dentist.  Hunter is by far the worst. Elliana and Spencer were fine. Those two had no damage and nothing currently needs to be done until adult teeth start to come in. They have weak teeth and spots due to lack of nourishment and high iron in Latvia's water system. Otherwise they are perfect. Then there is Hunter my cuddly little guy. He has 12 teeth in his top half of his mouth. Of these 12, 4 need to be pulled to stop infections. They are dead and nothing but trouble will happen with them. So that leave us with his remaining 8 teeth, 3 need either root canals or have to be pulled. Another one needs to be drilled and filled.  If we pull those 3 baby teeth he will have 5 teeth in his mouth.  That means he can't eat his food. He will have to be on a soft food diet until his adult teeth come in.  We are thinking we should do the root canals.  We are trying to get dental insurance first. We also have to ask Latvia if it is ok to do this type of procedure.  So we are currently on hold. We are brushing his teeth a lot more.

The kids really like to be home. Elliana the other day said America Labi, Latvia neigh. That means American is good and Latvia is not. It made me feel like we were doing something right. We also got the kids to dance! We have been trying for a while and normally Jeff and I look like silly people while our kid stare at us like we are crazy. Ha. But not this last time. They all were jumping around and looking just as silly. They also have a crazy addition to the Disney movie "Mulan."  We have watched that movie over 12 times.  The kids are all speaking more English even our quiet one Elliana who informed us that "It is cold outside" after coming in from the snow.

We still go on walks occasionally but now we bring along a wagon to help save our shoulders and backs if one of the kids get tired.  Spencer is our official wagon puller most of the time.  That is until he tries to run us over with it.  Elliana holds on very tightly if she is riding in the wagon while Spencer is pulling.  

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