Friday, March 13, 2015

Doctor and last day

Well today Jeff and I really wanted to sleep in. We were up late packing.  When you have kids you really don't have an option. So getting up early it was...thanks Hunter.  

I was going to take the boys to the park. I let them go down the steps on their own. Well the last two flights Hunter just took off running and out the doors and into Riga's busy streets. I flew after him. He went back upstairs and in "Time In".  I think he got the point today. I learned the phrase "no running away" in Latvian from our translator. Well I was just going to take Spencer but plans chance. Elliana wanted to go and Hunter finished his punishment. Jeff however still needed to shower.  I needed to see how I could handle three kids on my own. I needed to build my self confidence. So of course if you know me how else would I do it. Yep the hard way. So three kids, in busy Riga downtown, after one just ran away, language barrier, and 5 blocks.  It was amazing how strategically we performed the walk from placement of the kids holding hands to which side of the street and which side of the walk way we used. Can't walk on that side of the block or Hunter might just jump on a glass window covering a basement window.  Boys can't hold hands or there will be trouble. Elliana has to hold my hand or she will stop walking.  Hunter has to hold my hand in fear he will run away.  We did survive and I now have the self confidence I needed.  Jeff however was worried so he took a record shower and he caught up to us just a few minuets after we arrived at the park.  I had everything going smoothly  :)

We had our appointment with the doctor today.  It went really well. The doctor was amazed at how strong Elliana left hand has gotten in just 4 weeks. We are not up to 100% maybe around 70% but we started around 20%. We showed the doctor that she can put on her coat and zip it up. I told her what we are doing. I make up the exercises every night just to try something. I need to research more on what we need to do. The doctor was so happy with the results. She also talked about the surgery she needed.  We did not learn anything new about Hunter.  We did learn that Spencer's upper lip inside gum may need to be cut back a bit so he can speak more clear. I never noticed that he was not speak well as we don't know proper pronunciation of Latvian.  So really nothing note worthy which i guess is a good thing. The doctor hugged me and said she was very happy the kids were placed with us. It made my confidence get even higher.  I do hope we are doing what is best for the kids.

The kids did the alphabet when they got home.  Elliana did the best ever.  We write words down and make her copy them as well. She is starting to write in a line better. Spencer did well. We had an issue over the letter "U" which he never had before. He also did not act like he was concentrating. Hunter did the worst yet and we never got past D, instead he decided to protest and stabbed his pencil into the couch.  I'm just happy he didn't stick it in his leg.

For dinner we had pasta and ice cream.  When we finished dinner I wiped the boys mouths and they always fight me a bit on it. So I took Spencer to the mirror. His eyes got huge. It was so funny.  He let me wipe his mouth while he watched in the mirror.

The kids keep talking about flying home tomorrow. I can't wait.  I miss my family, friends, dryer, bed, oven, and spices.  Washing clothes and having to hang dry is no fun. The wash cycle is 3-4 hours and the clothes all smell.  I really don't like that musty dirty smell but that is what we all smell like. When we go out I joke we are the smelly family.

The family we ran into yesterday sent us a video of the Latvian President meeting some orphans.  The video has our kids in it! The president at one point is holding Elliana. The tall man in the picture below is the president and he is holding a young Elliana.  Spencer is being held by our foster mom, mother she is the second on the right. We are not sure but that maybe Hunter being held by their foster mom on the far left.  The lady in the long jacket is someone high in the government as well or she maybe the president wife. We are not sure.  How cool is that!!!

Question: Does anyone know how to teach younger child about logic? They do lack in this area. The doctor said that is common but you just have to teach it to them. I don't know how.

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