Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Court "Big Court"

This morning was full of entertainment for Jeff and myself.  Spencer was ok to take off his PJ’s but not ok put on clothes.  He ran around the apartment in his underwear singing “Sexy Lady.”  Then the boys decided their clothes were not enough so they put on Daddy’s sweatpants. I was just laughing.

We went to court today.  We have been talking to lots of people to know what we needed to expect. Ours seemed a lot easier then what most people go through. I am not sure why but I was happy for that.  We showed up and the elevator was broken. I was not shocked and happy to be taking stairs.  Our lawyer was impressed with how well Elliana was maneuvering the stairs. I told her we don’t use the elevators here we always take the stairs. Well we get there and we have to wait.  It is 11am now and the boys are full of energy. It took everything to keep them from running into people’s offices. Our lawyer came out with candy bags.  She said the Orphan court wanted us to have them.  Jeff and I were thinking that is a good sign.

We go into the room and it was the same three ladies we had last time. Elliana wanted to sit on my lap during the hearing so I let her.  They asked us questions. Here are some examples.   What is your health insurance plan? How are you educating the kids while the adoption process goes on? How have the kids changed in the last 4 weeks? Do you want to adopt them?  They asked us a question about how we prepared the kids for our house. We told them we have videos.  Well Elliana right in court said “Asics and Mia”.  I had to explain to the translator those are our dog’s names and she really like the video of them.  The ladies really liked that.  Our lawyer also paid us a very nice complement saying that we are some of the more prepared couples she has worked with. She was impresses at how much the kids have learned and how us not having kids before are doing extremely well under the circumstances.  She said she wishes more couples like us would be willing to adopt three kids.  It made Jeff and I feel better.  Well we had to leave the room and wait. Spencer and Hunter both wanted to walk into other hearings. So Jeff kept throwing them up in the air and pretend he was a Machine they could drive, to keep them from wandering, however, there was quite a bit of laughing so I’m not really sure we were really that quiet. We went back into the room and they approved us to continue adopting the kids. They also had another decision that we were allowed to take the kids back to America.  We were all happy to hear that.

We asked our lawyer to take us back to the park instead of the apartment. We did not want the kids tearing apart the apartment. Well within the first 15 minutes Hunter fell and cut his hand.  He cried and so we left. Spencer was not happy that we were leaving at all. It was the first time he really was upset about doing something.  It only lasted 5 minutes.  Jeff decided that we all needed to celebrate and what better way to resolve a hurt hand then by eating some yummy donuts and fruit smoothies. 

When we got back to the apartment we were making lunch and Daddy kissed me, while I was holding Spencer. Spencer in return wanted a kiss from each of us. Jeff kissed me again and Spencer in turn wanted a kiss from each of us. We did this for about 4 to 5 rounds.  It was nice to see it coming from him.

Jeff took the boys back to the park and Elliana and I got to stay here. We did more alphabet learning.  When the boys returned it was their turn.  Hunter still cried through the entire thing but it was not as bad as yesterday. Hopefully it will keep improving. 

When Jeff was out today he saw a Latvian Chain Gang.  A Latvian Chain Gang is a group of kids ages 4 and younger. They wear safety yellow jackets and are chained together by their wrist. Some have a hoop that goes around their waist too. We think that they are so funny.  We finally got a picture of one of them. They have as many as 20 kids on one chain.  It is far away but we will try to catch one closer if we can. 


  1. Congratulations..coming home!!! Mom

  2. Yay!!! You are coming home! I liked reading your blogs -the circus huh? lol. I'm happy for you all! -I'm going to email you :) I love you all and I am so glad that the family is coming back and there were no issues. Give thanks to our Lord, He is good!!

  3. Can't wait to see you all. Congrats on your great work!