Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cancelled Flights

Houston we don't have lift off. Jeff and I went to the airports all signs said "On Time".  Well it came time to board and all of us were wondering "where is the plane". Cleveland was hit very hard with snow.  Our plane was redirected away from Cleveland. They were cancelling any flight that needed an inbound aircraft. We waited a few hour and ended up calling United customer services while we waited in the customer service line.  Where there is a will their ways a way.  We ended up getting bumped and entire day. Luckily Friday our court was moved back to 4:30 Monday.  We will land with just enough time to get to court. We will change on the plane and run like crazy to get to court. Not ideal but it will work.
We have not given up through this entire adoption process and we are not giving up now.  These kids need us and we need them. There are a ton of songs that talk about the journey or the climb.  They all say it was worth it.  Jeff and I can't wait to say that when we get the kids.  We are just praying and hoping this is our last delay getting there. Not sure what happens if we miss court.

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  1. Hope you had a good traveling day today!!!

    Alice & Rob