Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 1 as a Family

The kids slept all night. We started to hear them talking around 7am.  Jeff and I really did not have a game plan for the day and that proved to not be a good idea.  We are still learning this parenting thing.  Well our trouble maker realized it right away. He also happens to be very smart too.  Not the greatest of combinations to have. Before breakfast was on the table he figured out how to open both front doors of our apartment. I caught up to him as he was about to run out. That was actually impressive if you saw how they lock the outside door. I have never seen anything like it before.

We played with the kids all morning and Jeff and I decided to take them on a walk and come up with a game plan.  We come back and sang two lines of "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes".  We did not know more then that but the kids took it really well.  Jeff continued to play with the kids and I started lunch.

I was cooking when Elliana comes up to me and is talking very fast. The only word I pick up was Daniels. I thought Oh No what is he up to.  I round the corner and heard Hunter crying. Daniels has been playing with the locks and locked the bathroom door from the inside and Hunter went to the bathroom and was locked in!  Daniels then turned off the light so Hunter was locked in and in the dark.  That is scary for any 4 year old.  So Jeff and I did what any new parent would do, we panic! We are trying to tell Hunter how to turn the knob so it will open.  That was useless since he does not speak English. I took Elliana over to another door and try to explain to her what she needs to tell her brother. She looked at me like I was crazy.  Jeff grab his shoes and start to take off to the front desk. I was signing "Jesus loves me" to try to calm him down.  I also start shaking the handle hoping he will start to shake it back. He did and it came unlocked!  I open the door and pick him up.  He stopped crying almost right away.  Daniel then had a "time in" with me.

Jeff and I became structured after that.  We took a 2 hour nap. All of them calmed down after the nap. I wondered if they were just overly tired with everything going on.  We played Candy Land. Elliana and Spencer (Daniels) picked it up right away.  We played with the beach ball and the small soccer ball too. I believe both boys will want to be in soccer.  The boys are very active and love to do anything physical.  Tomorrow we are getting a game plan together of activities. Elliana wants to watch first and then she will join in.  Jeff had her dancing with him and she had the biggest smile on her face. It was priceless. 

We were told that the kids have had a bath before but it seemed pretty new to them. The boys went first and they played for over an hour together. Jeff was just as soaked as they were. They were laughing so hard.  When we took them out of the bathtub. They ran around the apartment naked.  Elliana just kept shaking her head at them. Jeff and I could not stop laughing. Elliana had her bath next.  After her bath she kept smelling her hair and having us smell it too.  She loved it. At dinner Jeff had her eat two bites of vegitables. She became very upset with Jeff. It lasted for a few hours.  We also believe that she is very sad and missing her foster home.

These kids were in foster care but only on the weekends. They all went to boarding school.  They also have been in a orphanage for a few years before going into foster care. We will have some things that need to be worked through.  One thing we think is that the kids have not really been held much.  When you pick them up they are limp or don't know how to hold on to you.  They don't understand what is going on.  Hunter is starting to catch on.  He will now put his arms around your neck.  But they have their legs hang. We know over time that will change. 

Thank you again for all the comments we've received.  We love the support. 


  1. Kristen and Jeff, it sounds like a typical day for handled the situations well. The children just needs lots of love and cuddling and I know you have lots to give. I like the way you are singing to them..there is a song "This Little Light of Mine" using hand motions they would love if you remember the words. John and I love the blog and cannot wait each day to read about the Holub Family. Love you all so much.

  2. Kristen and Jeff, we were out of town for a few days and I couldn't remember the name of your site so I'm just now able to catch up. Thank you so much for your posts- you have me in tears! I'm so thrilled for you both to finally have those sweet babies in front of you. I cannot believe how much Elliana looks like you, Kristen! Even more so than in the initial pic you shared. Looking forward to more posts and pictures. You're in my daily prayers.

  3. What a first day :) Glad everything went pretty well! I was at the park and I saw to young boys wrestling in the sand and I just thought about Tucker and Spencer lol.. Elliana sounds like such a sweet girl, Ava and her will have a good time together I am sure of it. Take care, get your sleep, eat well. Love y'all.