Monday, February 23, 2015

Science Place

Today Spencer did not want to wake up again. Well neither did Daddy. So I put them in bed together. Hunter saw that and jumped in bed. Elliana with some encouragement joined in. It was so much fun.  I will hold the memory of this morning with me. We all laughed and snuggled together. Or how we say it snoogled together.

We all finally got out of bed and had our usual oatmeal with fruit breakfast.  We headed off to the science place which was located on the 5th floor or a mall. That could mean only one thing... escalators!! Spencer has it all figured out. Hunter was trying to press the emergency stop button everytime. Elliana sometimes got it and other times she hit the end.  Well we finally made it to the 5th floor and found that they did not open for another hour!  So how do you kill time in a mall with three kids. You guessed it escalators! We also found a toy shop where Daddy had to get Elliana one more birthday present.  She helped picked it out but left the store not realizing we got it for her. None of the kids asked for anything. They pointed to stuff that they though someone else would like not themselves. I held up a few Barbies and she picked one. She did not say anything when I put it back on the shelve.  It made me sad. They all left the store and never gave it another thought. They are not used to having anything so the want is not there...yet

We went to the science place which was really small.  The kids had a blast. They had this one static electricity station where you cranked the wheel and cups flew off the top.  The boys were all over it.  We finally got Elliana to crank the wheel.  She also thought it was fun. They had another station where you put ear phones on and put a stick to a spot on the world and you listened to their kind of music. That was Elliana favorite thing.  She even liked the three dots in the US!  They had a room with bikes in it. They were three wheelers but they were bikes.  Spencer figured it out pretty quickly.  It took Hunter several crashes into the walls before he figured out how to steer.  We put Elliana on it as well.  She had trouble keeping her foot on the petal and doing the circles. We will have to work on it back in the states.  We got some great videos of them all riding.

The kids were tired and it was way past their nap time.  They all went down without a single complaint. Hunter did not want to wake up at all. We had to wake him up and he just cried.   We figured he was tired but after an hour or so he kept on crying.  We finally called our translator to see what was wrong. Our translator said he wanted a brown book that we had in the apartment.  We showed him every book we had.  I believe he was missing his book and his foster place. It was all he knew. We walked over a mile just coming and going and then they ran around for hours at the science place.  He is only 4 years old so he was just tired and missing the only place he knows.  I keep forgetting he is only 4 years old. He dresses himself, showers himself, potty trained, eats with normal silverware and plates. He also figures things out beyond his age. We are doing something things for him that he can do on his own just to show him we are here and can take care of him.



  1. The children are going to love the Children's Museum in Cleveland especially the "hands on". I am so happy for you that Riga offers a "Science Place"! Ordered a wagon today with pneumatic wheels red bottom with wooden sides that come off and holds 200 pounds. Will be in garage when you get home! Today sounds like a fun day with a great start! Hugs and kisses to everyone one. Love Mom/Grammie C

  2. Hey, Sounds like you guys are doing a Great Job! I can't wait until summer! Maria will be happy to play soccer with the boys.
    I left you a message under "ZOO." I left it a little late. Let me know what you might need. Take Care! Andrea

    1. Hey. How is everything back home? Heard we received more snow. I hope it is all gone when we get back. I do miss my house and dogs. Right now I need clothes for Elliana but I can't figure out her size. Now she is Latvia which is different then the UK size. However they are starting to be too big on the waist. I need shoes but honestly I might have to get her special ones or until we have her surgery. Underwear for size 4 and 5 boys. Thanks!!!!